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38 Hess St S.
Hamilton, ON L8P 3N1

Tel: 905-524-5555

License #: CRSA1266808
License Holders Name: 13832953 Canada Inc


Monday 9am – 9pm
Tuesday 9am – 9pm
Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursday 9am – 10pm
Friday 9am – 10pm
Saturday 9am – 10pm
Sunday 11am – 9pm

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89 King St. E.
Stoney Creek, ON L8E 1K4

Tel: 905-664-2340

License #: CRSA1266811
License Holders Name: 13832953 Canada Inc.


Monday 9am – 9pm
Tuesday 9am – 9pm
Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursday 9am – 10pm
Friday 9am – 10pm
Saturday 9am – 10pm
Sunday 9am – 9pm

Neku Cannabis a Stoney Creek and Hamilton Cannabis Dispensary with 2 locations on 89 King St E, Stoney Creek & 38 Hess St S, Hamilton. Delivery Available!

Neku Cannabis
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Chester MarchelloChester Marchello
21:51 07 Mar 23
Five stars for selection...Willing to remove all stars for the fact your machine asks for a tip...Liquor and Beer stores do not ask for tips. Even when someone helped locate a vintage I was looking for.It's freaking rude and presumptuous of you to expect tips! This business is supposed to be government regulated and should not be asking.If I feel someone went above and beyond, I would say add the amount to the debit amount, and it can be taken from the till.We did this at places if a client wanted to leave extra, or take money instead of using the ATM.The cannabis industry needs to drop this practice. Your bud tender seemed really unhappy when I bypassed the tip screen of a tip starting at $14 for an online pickup.Really... Is she going to cart me home, and open my building door for me??That could be a blunt I could smoke later.Shady practice...
the ghostjesusthe ghostjesus
15:47 18 Jan 23
The tip option is complete nonsense. At a bar, I can sit down, order a drink and watch the game with friends and other patrons. The bartender gets to know guests or patrons and what their daily lives are like. I get none of that from a budtender. Nice teeth at the pay terminal would be great too.
Mike ChalmersMike Chalmers
15:01 18 Jan 23
This is my go to spot. They have a huge selection of Shred'ems gummies always in stock and the staff are great but...Why 4 stars and not 5? The TIP option on your debit machine. Every business has their hand out for tips now, why do I need to pay your employees on top of the product. I get you'll say, 'well sometimes people like to tip their budtenders', but I bet if you were to take a customer poll who wants to keep the tip option and who wants to get rid of it, the results would be pretty clear. I want to be able to tap my card and go, and not have a budtender hanging over me as I stare them in the eyes and select the 'Skip' option.I am probably safe to say that dropping the tip option would far outweigh the benefits of keeping it.Keep the tip option at Attic Pizza, sure, but cannabis is too far.Like this review if you would like to see the tip option removed.
23:21 15 Nov 22
Good prices and great customer service. My favourite place.
Ryan KingRyan King
16:25 11 Feb 22
This store is great! The staff are knowledgeable and are very friendly and helpful. I’ve tried two different flowers from two different suppliers so far and both were really fresh and flavourful. It’s very obvious that Neku is both storing and distributing their products properly as you will not get an old jar of over-dried junk from them. My expectations were exceeded to say the least.